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      News — best artwork

      Going for Gold

      Going for Gold

      Take note - House and Gardens Features Melanie Berman's Art work.

      Carole Annett highlights current trends and hot buys in her 'Out and About ' blog page in the September Issue on Page 34 of House and Garden Magazine. Carole has been a driving force predicting trends and picking out the latest and hottest new things for the home for House and Garden for over 15 years. She knows what she is talking about.

      I'm delighted that she has highlighted 'Golden Realm '  An abstract impressionist piece with loads of buzz and energy with delicate undertones, oozing style and creativity. Carole has further endorsed that Melanie Berman is an emerging artist who is one to watch out for. 

      This painting measures 100 cm square and cost £1900 . 

      See more of Melanie's artwork at The Gallery - One Warwick Park in Tunbridge Wells. 


      Luxury hotel launches artwork

      Luxury hotel launches artwork

      The opening party at One Warwick Park Hotel (OWP) was full glamorous people who had been lucky enough to be the first to experience the new luxury lifestyle hotel and art works. 

      Upstairs subtle grey and beige tones mixed with the stone and marble surfaces contrasted beautifully with the rich dark wood panelled doors and chrome fittings. 

      The lower ground floor holds the new 'Art Gallery'.  Amazingly it's deep under ground but the the architects have created soft lighting to highlight all the hidden treasures that are housed there creating a welcoming and atmospheric space.

      As you head to the gallery space you are greeted by a vibrant painting by Melanie Berman. Go further and her abstract artworks have produced a blast of colour in the gallery. Inviting you into an explosion of colour, which reflects her passion for the natural environment. These large luxury paintings are full of intriguing marks and shapes. Berman wishes to raise the question, 'What does the natural environment mean to the individual, does it play an important part in modern society today? Berman brings graffiti into her landscape painting to add to the cross-over barriers of modern society into her work as a form of territory and freedom of expression.

      The art work also explores the possibilities of the hidden treasure in ancient woods and coasts as in ones that are intrinsic and that are tangible to us.

      Visit this summer 'The Gallery' at 'One Warwick Park Hotel' in Tunbridge Wells - it's a must see.

      Diamond are a girls best friend

      Diamond are a girls best friend

      Art and jewellery come together- One Warwick Park Hotel in Tunbridge Wells shows local artist Melanie Berman with G Collins and Sons the jewellers in their new 'Gallery' space.

      Melanie Berman the Contemporary artist will be exhibiting with G Collins and Sons.  Her stunning colourful large art works will be on display beside beautiful pieces of luxury jewellery that will be displayed in bespoke cabinets within the newly refurbished Warwick Park Hotel in their unique 'The Gallery' space.

      It's an exciting time for Melanie she is thrilled to be working in partnership with One Warwick Park (OWP) and with Mr Harry Collins the Personal jewellers to Her Majesty The Queen and Harry's son Josh. Art, architecture and luxury jewellery go hand in hand. The right mix of designers will produce an interesting and relaxing environment.  

      She's really looking forward to seeing you there and showing you her new work. A brilliant new print will be available to celebrate the launch via the website called "Strawberry Fields', it's perfect for summer. 




      All pieces will be for sale -





      Fashion mixed with travel

      Fashion mixed with travel

      Back to studying at University in Canterbury 

      Life's journey took Mel in various fashion fields. Being young and loving design she thought she wanted to be a Fashion buyer. Liberty's of London was fascinating place . Filled of beautiful unusual things, it definitely made one appreciated crafted objects. She worked for two buyer within the fashion dept as their buyers clerk. Learning the business and going to fashion houses to choose the next big thing was exciting. In the evening she was drawing madly and attended life drawing glasses to keep her eye tuned in. She went on to study the human form for the next twenty years. She was particularly inspired by Philip Mosely an artist who trained her to look at the human body differently as though it was full of straight lines.

      Next a chance to travel and freedom to explore and absorb new sights and colours never before experienced all over the world. All these wonderful places added to her knowledge and vision.  On returning Melanie headed back to Art College UCA to explore the possibilities again and gained a BA (Hons) in Painting. Patterns, spaces, colours and shapes were yet again to focus in her work whilst translating visual experiences. 

      What lies behind the Artwork

      There is a moment of nostalgia to experiencing the countryside with such innocent eyes again. Melanie paintings still hold on to part of the dream as patterns dance fly about within her paintings.  But there is a maturity and energy mixed within the paintings. The paintings highlight the complexities of our inner selves and our connections to the natural world and the need for individualism whilst thinking together. Harnessing a collective thought. One must look and look again at nature and see again.

      Melanie’s delightful entangled chaotic imagination of experience and visual knowledge create new possibilities and blast into a expressive new language which make one further see something different within the painting and consequently within ones own natural environment. 

      The journey continues - you can always see new things in life and learn which changes one perception of things.

      Until next time.

      Melanie Berman

      The beginning...

      The beginning...

      Early years

      Born in Surrey Melanie early years were based in Farnham in which Farnham park became a regular place to explore the long muddy paths. Running free through the wooded areas, climbing trees and kicking leafs. Filling up bags of blackberries picked on sunny filled days, flying the homemade kite. Wrapping up warm for crisp wintery scenes and sledging on snowy hills, no worries in the world.

      At the age of ten the family moved to Norfolk to a village called Lynne. This new countryside became another amazing playground.  Fishing in the local river, with a cane and safety pin as a hook, catching rabbits and wandering over golden cornfields. Watching and hearing the sounds and rhythms of the local blacksmith making horseshoes. Picking fruit on farms, building dens in ancient woods all became the norm and fulfilling activities and were insights into rural life. But by the end of this idillic year everything sadly and dramatically changed as her beloved father died suddenly and family life altered completely...

      Life changes 

      Boarding School loomed and restrictions were put in place for the rest of her teenage years. Under an extremely strict house matron and disciplinarian, life was made totally different.  Art and sport were the only things to keep one sane. Life long friends were made.

      At 16 Melanie’s art teacher a mature lady with a stick a Mrs Parker advised her to apply to Art college in which she was excepted into unconditionally. Being the youngest in the college year and living independently again away from home proved to be a challenge.  Her fascination with colour shape and form began to take shape. At the end of the three year course and wining competition for the college in fashion design and gaining a 2.1. Melanie went to work for Zandra Rhodes in London.

      This would be the beginning of a life long relationship with colour. 

      Until next time.

      Melanie Berman