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Fashion mixed with travel

Fashion mixed with travel

Back to studying at University in Canterbury 

Life's journey took Mel in various fashion fields. Being young and loving design she thought she wanted to be a Fashion buyer. Liberty's of London was fascinating place . Filled of beautiful unusual things, it definitely made one appreciated crafted objects. She worked for two buyer within the fashion dept as their buyers clerk. Learning the business and going to fashion houses to choose the next big thing was exciting. In the evening she was drawing madly and attended life drawing glasses to keep her eye tuned in. She went on to study the human form for the next twenty years. She was particularly inspired by Philip Mosely an artist who trained her to look at the human body differently as though it was full of straight lines.

Next a chance to travel and freedom to explore and absorb new sights and colours never before experienced all over the world. All these wonderful places added to her knowledge and vision.  On returning Melanie headed back to Art College UCA to explore the possibilities again and gained a BA (Hons) in Painting. Patterns, spaces, colours and shapes were yet again to focus in her work whilst translating visual experiences. 

What lies behind the Artwork

There is a moment of nostalgia to experiencing the countryside with such innocent eyes again. Melanie paintings still hold on to part of the dream as patterns dance fly about within her paintings.  But there is a maturity and energy mixed within the paintings. The paintings highlight the complexities of our inner selves and our connections to the natural world and the need for individualism whilst thinking together. Harnessing a collective thought. One must look and look again at nature and see again.

Melanie’s delightful entangled chaotic imagination of experience and visual knowledge create new possibilities and blast into a expressive new language which make one further see something different within the painting and consequently within ones own natural environment. 

The journey continues - you can always see new things in life and learn which changes one perception of things.

Until next time.

Melanie Berman

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