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       Melanie Berman is an abstract painter based in the South East of England. Her work is characterised by luscious use of colour and bold shapes set against a large brush marks forming multi layered landscapes.

      Within this landscapes she explores connotations of home, identity, rural land and the personification of nature within painting. Drawing on the visible and an inner awareness she also uses historical, philosophical, poets and Indigenous practices she challenges 'western' notions of landscapes and instead emphasise how place, environment, body/mind/identity are mutually constituted. 

      Drawing on responses and the creative process - Working on wooden panel and canvas she uses soft tones which are interjected with bright bold opposing coloured shapes over the base layers. Hard edged coloured shapes of stillness contrast to the large flowing brush marks, which are used to form movement in the painting. The brush marks acknowledge man has altered and shaped the land over time, as if a ploughed field. The coloured opaque shapes lay on top are constructed piece by piece to form horizontal and vertical lines. They Shift through the axis of memories ruminating over the painting whilst she brings the shapes to form alternative future within her compositions forming a new comprehensive dialogue within society. 

      Melanie has shown at the Royal Academy London 2019 and the Royal Scottish Academy 2020. 

      Fashion design (BA) 1980 and consequently employment and then later a Fine Art BA Hons in 2008 painting.