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      Berman explores, connotations of home, place, identity, and environmental issues within her art practise. The natural environment ultimately became the basis of her metaphysical home of love and hope as a structural home in 1981 became no more.  Observation mixed with personal sensory perceptions know as ‘chromesthia  guide her unspoken language and spatial energies to invade her paintings. She mixes static shapes with fluid movement, whilst highlighting the sublime of the tiny things or happenings around her.  'An interruption of space, as natural rhythms can be periodic or irregular overtime’ she says. Drawing on historical, philosophical, poets and Indigenous practices she challenges 'western' notions of landscapes and instead emphasise how place, environment, body/mind/identity are mutually constituted

      Berman uses various processes of applying intuitive layer of paint to construct or deconstruct. Large organic brush marks show the layering of time, whilst the constructed shapes float and move with the sounds of today. ‘A new visual generational voice’ is how she thinks of it.  Translating the ‘sounds of the forest’ and the ‘suns rays against the fields’ or ‘melting snow’ for others to see. Berman has become increasingly aware of embedded basis and acknowledge how legacies continue to impact todays society. Drawing also on Historical, philosophical, poets and Indigenous practises of all elements of water, fire, earth, and space and land rights. Challenging traditional ‘western’ notions of landscape and instead emphasise how place, environment and the body/mind/identity are mutually constituted. Natures lyrical voice goes beyond the superficial and detachment, nature can communicates with us on all levels even in myths and legends. Berman's artwork makes a contribution in the process of bringing reconciliation of ‘thoughts’ in these discombobulated times to be in tune with natures values. 

      Berman was trained in two artistic genres Fashion design (BA) 1980 and consequently employment and then later a Fine Art BA Hons in 2008 painting. She now lives and works in East Sussex .