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      Born in Surrey Melanie now works and lives in East Sussex.

      Berman has plenty of designer credibility and elements to draw from as she was trained in two artistic genres Fashion design (BA) 1980 and consequently employment and then later a Fine Art BA Hons in 2008. 

      Berman's fictional landscapes and scenes depict near recognisable objects and natural forms into lush paintings.  Nature's biodiversity and the seasons can be incapsulated in movement or stillness suggesting the passing of time. Flatness of shapes and design reflect modern values and concerns that are present in our environments.

      Berman adds to our sense of place, pride, passion and cultural identity, by celebrating our Ancient forests and open spaces whilst still being aware of the fragile balances within our social eco world. Berman physical explores woodlands, listens to stories, legends and poetry which have a connection to the land.

      Berman uses various processes of applying intuitive layer of paint to construct or deconstruct by scrapping sanding or wiping away to reveal a texture or a smudge that she sees something organic to work. The next stage is planned as the rest of the image is based around those original left marks. 

      The result is an exciting style of abstract painting that creates a new visual dialogue to engage with.