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The beginning...

The beginning...

Early years

Born in Surrey Melanie early years were based in Farnham in which Farnham park became a regular place to explore the long muddy paths. Running free through the wooded areas, climbing trees and kicking leafs. Filling up bags of blackberries picked on sunny filled days, flying the homemade kite. Wrapping up warm for crisp wintery scenes and sledging on snowy hills, no worries in the world.

At the age of ten the family moved to Norfolk to a village called Lynne. This new countryside became another amazing playground.  Fishing in the local river, with a cane and safety pin as a hook, catching rabbits and wandering over golden cornfields. Watching and hearing the sounds and rhythms of the local blacksmith making horseshoes. Picking fruit on farms, building dens in ancient woods all became the norm and fulfilling activities and were insights into rural life. But by the end of this idillic year everything sadly and dramatically changed as her beloved father died suddenly and family life altered completely...

Life changes 

Boarding School loomed and restrictions were put in place for the rest of her teenage years. Under an extremely strict house matron and disciplinarian, life was made totally different.  Art and sport were the only things to keep one sane. Life long friends were made.

At 16 Melanie’s art teacher a mature lady with a stick a Mrs Parker advised her to apply to Art college in which she was excepted into unconditionally. Being the youngest in the college year and living independently again away from home proved to be a challenge.  Her fascination with colour shape and form began to take shape. At the end of the three year course and wining competition for the college in fashion design and gaining a 2.1. Melanie went to work for Zandra Rhodes in London.

This would be the beginning of a life long relationship with colour. 

Until next time.

Melanie Berman

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